5 Finest FREE Instruments For YouTube Creators (That You Most likely Didn't Know About)


Take a look at these AMAZING Free YouTube Instruments that You NEED to find out about. ****** Watch my video on the 5 Finest Royalty Free …



  1. Why nobody talk about their Analytics tools, Keywords research tools, and How To Track Competitors Tools ? :/ Disappointed ! All the big Youtubers mentions the same things , starting with Canva, Ytb Studio …. πŸ™

  2. I recommend incompetech for royalty free music. Canva and an online background remover, work well together too. Also, footagecrate is good if you want to add special effects, sound effects, etc. to your videos!

  3. If i make music to accompany my own youtube video, how does YouTube know if it's MINE that i made in my basement or if it's something that's copy-written that i'm using without permission. I want to start a channel but, if i can't use my own music for Whatever reason, it's not worth putting the hundreds of hours into recording and engineering the sound scape. From ambient background music to full on songs with lyrics. Do i have to somehow 'copy write' ever piece of music i create to be able to Prove it to the YouTube team?


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