How you can Optimize Your On-Web page website positioning in Much less Than 10 Minutes


At present I’ll educate you the best way to optimize your on-page website positioning in lower than 10 minutes. RESOURCES & LINKS: Ubersuggest: …



  1. The Most Confusing Question – even many normal level seo guys dont know it accurately :
    " If we delete a url from website then it shows as error 404 or soft 404 .
    In this case whats the Best option :

    Redirecting those urls to home page ?
    Blocking them via Robot.txt
    OR Anything else

    Pleaae Guide us

  2. For some reason, when I run the site audit on the website I am getting issues pop up as critical errors even when it's saying "0 issues". For instance "0 issues with no sitemap.xml to optimize interaction with bots" and "0 issues without a valid SSL certificate". Is there still an issue I need to be dealing with when it says 0 issues?

  3. This is how you know Neil is a great marketer. He builds a website that says his website is β€œawesome” and β€œgreat”, and then makes a video telling everybody to go there. Brilliant. Subscribed.

  4. Hey Neil,
    In every article of my website I properly set meta description…. But whenever I Google that very article of my website, in description it shows the Title of article then author then date and then number of comments and then few starting words of article… Instead of the one I set as meta description, it shows few starting words from the title, date to article..

    How do I rectify the problem? Please do help…

  5. Hii sir….
    I am one of your fan
    I was found some bugs in Ubersuggest. I was done keyword research in your website but It was shown easy to rank then I written then content on the basis of keyword also optimised on page. It won't ranked also I didn't get any traffic, after I was started research again what was the problem.
    Then I found the problem it was issue in Ubersuggest only,
    I was checked same keyword in ahrefs but it was shown super hard to rank that keyword.

  6. Hi Neil, I used to get 90% of traffic from Google discover and chrome suggestions but traffic dropped during covid lockdown. My articles are like 3 days validity as it is a job post website. Please release some info regarding the same

  7. Hey! Neil sir, I clone one of my websites on my own blog. Because the previous domain was having a lot of problems. So what if I put Google adsense on the new domain, then what will be approve. And the second question is will it be included in duplicate content? Whereas I have clone from my own one domain to my other new domain.

  8. Hi Neil. Please clear my doubt. I want to make a website for government examinations in India. So i need to add previous year asked questions(no one holds copyrights for these questions) in my website. Will it trigger a copyright issue and google wil block my adsense???

  9. Hey Neil, the question is not related to this video. But I wanted to ask you, I hope you will reply
    What is the site you recommend for products at $2, it starts with code.. something I am forgetting the name

  10. Good content πŸ™‚ i have a query whom should i trust for Keyword Difficulty Google keyword plan or Ahref both are showing different result, Ahref shows 10 KD and Google shows High Competition For the keyword (Aquarium water pump ) region is USA . please reply Thankyou:)

  11. Thanks you…….thank u so much for this type of video as it was very necessary for me to guide on ubertool because all the other tools are paid now and difficult for beginner now……..πŸ˜—

  12. Hey Neil, I have one question.
    I'm writing good content for my blog & trying to improve the quality everyday but the thing is unfortunately I can't spend any money to market my blog cuz I'm still a student.
    Is good content + little bit of social media marketing enough to make at least an "Okay" Blog?
    I would really appreciate your answer.


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