The way to use Video Advertising and marketing to Develop Your Enterprise


Video advertising and marketing is rising. We have additionally used this channel efficiently, leading to greater than 100000 subscribers, hundreds of thousands of …



  1. great video sir, this is exactly what i am looking for .
    i am a video editor and i want start a video marketing agency can guid me sir pls on how to start a video marketing agency

  2. Hey Sam, great video! Our agency has been doing a lot of video production lately, so it's been on me to learn production, editing and motion graphics. So how do you guys do your motion graphics? Because they are 🔥. Do you outsource or have someone in-house?

  3. Sam, the shirt looks best on you. Sorry Tim 🙂 Thx for talking through the struggles and how to overcome them. Very timely for me. And as always, actionable. Thank you.

  4. how could we have in ahrefs the TOP 100 or TOP 1000 search keywoord in google in may 2019 for example; this will help me to predict what people are looking for in spring and summer or and better is it possible to let say havening the top search keyword in google in last spring and summer (2019) in specific category (example: outdoor, fitness, travel etc…) Thank you for your support


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