On-Web page website positioning Pt 2: Learn how to Optimize a Web page for a Key phrase – 2.2. website positioning Course by Ahrefs


In lesson 2.2 of our website positioning fundamentals course, you will learn to optimize a web page for a key phrase.



  1. I don't ever comment on YouTube, not that I'm special, but I must say, Sam and AHREFs team, AMAZING JOB on this content. Incredibly detailed , clear, and thorough. EXCELLENT JOB!
    We own multiple businesses and will continue to use AHREFS as our number one SEO tool!

  2. Hi sam , you discussed it perfectly but you did not tell the results clearly.
    If top pages are writing about anything and some of their heading s are similar so should we add that too in our content??
    And what about headings that are not common among top pages ??

    And where we should create differences to beat them ??
    Waiting for guidance.

  3. Few of my pages ranks one number on Bing( gets no traffic as no one uses Bing for them) while google rank them about 15 or 16 position. How do move up? I have more contents and targeted towards solving user queries but yet not moving upwards much.

  4. Thanks for great information.

    my question is when i'm searching a keyword google shows me TOP sites in SERP but those sites are not using the exact keyword in their title,

    but they are ranking for different 3 to 4 keywords with their same "ONE" title which is not matching to exact keywords.

    Then i was searching keywords using modifiers like best, cheap, afffordable they all have different search volumes but Google shows me the same results same sites on top which i mentioned above.

    can you guide me about that. Thanks


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