Personalised Video Advertising and marketing Instruments: The Way forward for Conversations


Wish to set up deeper connections together with your prospects and clients? Questioning how personalised video might help fast-track …



  1. I watched this video when it came out and thought about how I could implement it. Never got a personalized video before. Yesterday I signed up for a service from a National Company and got the welcome email with my name on it. But, when I clicked the link to get to the information I needed – it was a personalized video! Okay, it was PowerPoint-ish but the audio did say my name at the beginning and during the presentation. Yes! I gave them 5 points for this welcome message!

  2. Coming from the elective medical side of marketing, there is no better way for a physician to replicate his/her in-person 'awesome self' than with online video.
    Creating emotional connections with patients online is key.
    The viewer sees the face, hears the voice, hears the empathy. Their questions get answered and the person comes to know the doctor over a period of time.
    When the patient is ready to schedule a consult with the doctor, more times than not, they're ready to buy the first time they meet.

    This also works great with getting current or past patients back into the office.
    And don't even get me started on the increasing lifetime value of a patient for that physician.
    Great video fellas!


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