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  1. I am 40 minutes in and I knew all theses things on a surface level as I've been working as freelance social media marketing expert and I've part of digital marketing team but understanding everything about ranking, keyword research and on page-off page seo in depth is real value… Thank you for making this really indepth video…

  2. Good content as always. I found the part on keyword choosing very informative. However, I have one doubt. What will happen if we don't change our page content frequently but keep adding new blog posts at a regular frequency? For example, I have a cooking blog. I have to create recipes from time to time. Since recipes of dishes don't change, it'll not be possible for me to update the content. What do I do then?

  3. Hello I have a question – on Google Analytics, when you see that your traffic source came from social media, does it factor in traffic from paid ads on social media like Facebook ads? Or does that traffic go under the column of paid traffic and not social media?


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