Shopify search engine marketing Optimization Tutorial For Learners | Step By Step FREE TRAFFIC


Maximize Your Shopify Retailer’s Loading Pace Right here: On this shopify search engine optimisation optimization tutorial for novices, …



  1. Im just wondering what if you will use keywords the same as other big companies are using? example, Apple's airpods pro. Most of the SEO content that they use is just its product description. What if we will do the same thing? Will it be optimize?

  2. This is great info. What if I sell t-shirts (lots of them) and everything is basically the same except for what the design says. Will they come up as spam? I see "duplicate". Is that what I do?

  3. Love your content and delivery. If competitors come up by name when doing keyword search can I use those behind the scenes in product page and if so how/where? I'm thinking tags but how do tages differe from key words?


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