What’s search engine marketing and How Does it Work? (2022)


On this video, we’ll cowl search engine marketing beginning with the definition of it being Search Engine Optimization. On Web page search engine marketing Tutorial for …



  1. the way you explain so beautiful I don’t have no other choice but to understand… i wish you were my ESL teacher when I started school in USA. I will have been saving a lot of time because I don’t have to keep repeating my self 3 or 4 times to communicate with people

  2. Great explanation! One question: You mention that the first 3 organic results get 70 % of clicks. Is this 70 % of all clicks among the organic results, or is it 70 % of all clicks, including the ads in the top and the knowledge graph? Thanks!

  3. Plug in such as Yoast or Rank Math still use keyword density as a metric. Does it still really matter in today's SEO (since some SEO expert told us not to focus on keyword density)?

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  5. I usually avoid commenting on videos, but I just wanted to say — thank you. Excellent video, clear and concise, and was not obnoxiously click-baity etc. Typically when I search virtually anything on the internet, I'm met with hundreds of videos with ridiculous titles and thumbnails that make baby goats weep in distress.

    Solid information, great production, and excellent diction while speaking. I was able to understand everything despite having a nasty headcold, which really goes to show just how straightforward and clear the video was.


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