WordPress website positioning Tutorial for Freshmen (Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals)


On this tutorial, you may be taught the fundamentals of WordPress website positioning and the way to use its built-in options together with the Yoast website positioning …



  1. Thanks for this video, the permalinks option is not available to me on the Settings menu. There is no help online, is this a theme dependent issue? Many thanks if you respond.

  2. Im torn between which platform to use. Do you have a video on that? I’m thinking wix because I’m a beginner and I don’t know how to code or keep up with a website but WordPress sounds more professional. WordPress doesn’t have customer support, is it beginner frequently?

  3. I have a quick question
    When I see all my pages listed in the WordPress dashboard and I delete any page (add to trash), then what happens to the page and where does it go? does it become a broken link?

  4. I don't get how a 2,000 word article can rank for thousands of keywords without including them all and destroying the article unless Google ranks a page automatically for synonyms as well?

  5. Recently hired, as desktop support technician, things are slow, recently marketing person resigned who was in charge of WP site and Google ads, have no idea where to start 😳, they want to rank high on Google, I feel in a stalemate

  6. HI, thank you so much for sharing this video! 👍 Just a quick question, if I'm writing a Chinese blog post, should I use Chinese words in the permalink/slug or translate into English?

  7. Your videos are truly the best on YouTube, not only do you make SEO easier to understand but you show concrete examples of the tool. More videos about SEO content writing please 🙂

  8. Thanks, Sam. My Relationship Counselling Ad showed #2 ( £217 Overall budget per month). 1 below betterhelp.com (£39K 0verall budget per month). Have a feeling it was an encouragement from Google but not sure. I have been following your content for a while. Still no T-shirt though 🙂

  9. Thank you for great content. I have a training company website where our all courses and their details are in woocommerce product pages/descriptions. We have various categories under which these courses fall but no separate pages for categories or even for courses. I am confused about the difference between WordPress pages and woocommerce pages. May you please elaborate if course description on WordPress page are more SEO friendly or we can continue woocommerce product descriptions.

    Thanks in advance

  10. Hello sir, if I have 30 keywords and 10 focus keyword then can I use this all keyword in one post or page. using the Yoast SEO plugin. if not then how to use this all keyword.


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